Serenata @mail®

Professional e-marketing solutions for single and multiple properties.

With Serenata @mail, you can instantly email confirmations, pre-arrival emails and upgrade opportunities directly from your Property Management System. These aren’t simple text emails but rich, colorful HTML pages bearing the hotel's message and branding. They are all personalized to the individual guest and filled with inviting photos of the best amenities of the property. Furthermore, Serenata @mail enables you to address your guests in their own language (including Arabic, Chinese and Japanese).

Corporate identity

Uniform reservation confirmations across all booking channels

With Serenata @mail hotels can standardize their reservation confirmations across all booking channels. No matter whether the reservation was entered directly in the property management system or handled via the central reservation system or the hotel internet booking engine, Serenata @mail will use one consistent and interactive HTML template to send the confirmation email to the guest.

Dynamic content

Dynamic display of images and contents

Template content is displayed dynamically based on the known guest information (e.g. arrival date, gender, known guest preference, etc.). Thus, your promotions or template headers will vary seasonally and look different for instance in summer and winter.

QR codes

Mobile check-in with QR codes

You can integrate QR codes into the Serenata @mail reservation confirmation, thereby ensuring an easy and smooth self check-in for guests. The QR codes contain all relevant reservation details of the guest.
Upon arrival, guests simply get out their smart phones or other mobile reading device and display the QR code from the Serenata @mail confirmation to the kiosk system of the hotel.


Additional revenue
thanks to promotional offers

By promoting additional in-house services within the templates, it is possible to generate extra revenue even before the guest’s arrival. For instance, a restaurant promotion can be linked directly to the online table reservation system of the property. Moreover, you can integrate links of third-party vendors in the reservation confirmation and pre-arrival email. A good example is the eStandby Upgrade functionality of Nor1. The guest receives an entire range of possible room upgrades at favorable conditions. Whether the upgrade is granted or not depends on the availability upon the guest’s check-in. This means that the hotel has a chance to sell the room at the best price up to the last moment.

Calendar integration

Taking over the calendar entry with one click

The iCalendar function is enclosed in the reservation confirmation as a file attachment. Upon receiving the confirmation email, the guest can immediately open and check the arrival and departure dates and save them in his calendar (e.g. Outlook, iPhone, Google) with one click. Once set up, guests receive calendar attachments with their reservation confirmations; they can open and save them in their personal calendar.

Social media

Increase visibility in the web

By implementing an active link to Facebook or Twitter within your Serenata @mail communication, you can draw attention to your social network activities. Moreover, by integrating HolidayCheck or TripAdvisor, you can make it easier for guests to rate their stay directly. The hotel may profit from a higher number of ratings and with a better ranking in search engines.

Complete PMS integration

No additional interface required

Unlike other systems in the field, Serenata @mail does not require a third-party interface (to the PMS or CRS), since it is completely integrated into the user interface of your property management system. Our example shows the MICROS reservation page during the selection of a Serenata @mail reservation confirmation template.

Complete CRS integration

Dynamic guest correspondence straight from the CRS

Serenata @mail is also available with central reservation systems, thus enabling standardized guest correspondence across all booking channels. Serenata @mail for SynXis CRS, for instance, produces professional reservation confirmations for all bookings generated by the SynXis Web Booking Engine Guest Connect and for all voice reservations taken via SynXis Agent. Serenata @mail for MICROS ORS ensures that all booking confirmations and cancellations are triggered by the central reservation system of MICROS and processed and sent to the respective guests via Serenata @mail.